Welcome to the Big Impact Podcast!

Welcome to the Big Impact Podcast – a program that showcases positive, inspiring, uplifting, innovative, interesting, and entertaining interviews!

You’ll find a new episode every Wednesday as we talk with people from all walks of life – music, sports, innovation, inspiration, spiritual, and just plain interesting.

It’s our hope that you’ll listen and SHARE the Big Impact with anyone in need of inspiration and/or motivation!


Listen – Sundays at 6 p.m.

Since the inception of the Big Impact Podcast in early 2017, one of our goals has been to have the program air as a radio show…and it’s happening!

 If you are in the Mid-Michigan market (Saginaw, Bay City, Midland, Great Lakes), the “Big Impact with Bill Hobson” will be heard Sundays from 5-6 p.m. on Newsradio 790 WSGW, starting October 14th.
The weekly podcast will continue – with new episodes every Wednesday – and we’re thrilled to welcome the WSGW audience to our family of listeners!

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Big Impact Ep. 93 – Scott Seipel: From Death Sentence To Life

DOWNLOADBIG IMPACT Podcast Episode 93 is a special Thanksgiving encore presentation of one of the most stunning stories we’ve ever shared. Scott Seipel’s insides were hosting a 15 POUND cancerous tumor. He was given less than 10% chances of surviving. His 7-hour surgery was among the most complicated operations in history…and then he became a human lab rat for an experimental treatment …

Big Impact Ep. 92 – Mike Lindell, MY PILLOW Inventor

Recent Sports-Themed Episodes

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Big Impact Ep. 77 – George Blaha, Sportscasting Legend

Download Episode! BIG IMPACT Podcast Episode 77  features George Blaha, voice of the Detroit Pistons for 42 years and the MSU Spartans for nearly as long. This kind man has provided the soundtrack to multiple championship seasons of the Pistons and heralded the era of the Bad Boys. In this fun conversation, we look back at Blaha’s career, the iconic Piston veterans, …