Big Impact Ep. 80 – Remembering Nik, 1998-2018

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BIG IMPACT Podcast Episode 80 is quite different from any other episode in our history. Instead of an interview with a celebrity or Hall of Fame athlete, we pay tribute to a young man who left us far too soon. Nik was a vibrant, energetic, hilarious, loyal, creative, uber-talented 20-year old bundle of energy. For reasons we will never know this side of heaven, Nik took his own life a few days ago.

At a backyard gathering a few days before Nik was laid to rest, a powerful message was shared by my son who was one of Nik’s closest friends. It is our prayer that the tragic loss of Nik will somehow be used for good…perhaps to introduce others to faith in Christ.

If you’ve ever struggled with depression or thoughts of suicide, please reach out to someone today. You matter. You are important. You are loved.