Big Impact Podcast 50 – The Impact of Miss Feldkamp

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BIG IMPACT Podcast Episode 50  introduces you to the inspiring story of a lady many listeners have never met. Her name is Beverly Feldkamp and for nearly 40 years she taught at Valley Lutheran High School in Saginaw, MI.

Why are we focusing on her story this week? Because she went from never missing a day of school, to a diagnosis that gave her a few weeks to live. The diagnosis was accurate, but her final days on this earth were spent in ways few of us can imagine.

You’ll hear from school leadership, current students, alumni, and then Bev Feldkamp herself as she shared the news of her diagnosis and outlook in her final chapel service at Valley.

May we all have as big an eternal impact on those around us as did Miss Feldkamp.

Beverly Feldkamp Obituary

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